Ready for Better Prospecting Results?

The heart of our business is working with busy professionals that recognize the power of video but don't want to create and edit videos themselves.

By converting their image into a talking cartoon character, they can still share all of their knowledge but do so in a more scalable and often more effective manner. 

When we coupled these types of videos with a specific type of cold outreach, we knew we were on to something BIG.

The Secret to Making this Work

If you're here because you received one of our emails, you already know what the secret is. It was the clickable and animated gif that showed up in your inbox.

NOBODY is doing this and the movement catches the eye of busy people. It also invokes curiosity resulting in an exceptionally high click-thru rate.

Email outreach is just one of the many ways our videos can make your business more profitable. Click the link below to visit our home page and learn more.