Boost Your Sales by Combining the Power of Video with Artificial Intelligence

Perfect for busy professionals that don't want to get in front of a camera.

why convert yourself into an animated character?

Enjoy the Power and Reach of Video Without the Hassles of Recording or Editing Anything Yourself.

In this day and age, it is no secret that your customers would likely prefer to watch a video than read text.

Sad but true :( 

Fortunately, we can take your photo and convert it into an animated character that can deliver any message you wish in a captivating manner.

Why Our Videos Are So Appealing.

Our videos appeal to two very important groups of people. You and your customers. Let's start with your customers.

Chances are that you customers have rarely seen a video like the ones we produce so they'll grab attention and make your message much more memorable.

They are also fun and less likely to be perceived as "salesy" so there is a better chance that your message will get through in the first place.

And what should appeal to you?

  • Getting your talking avatar set up is easy. Just send us a photo and let us get to work.
  • No more frustration and hassles of recording your own videos. Just type out your message and you're done.
  • Use your own voice ... or not. We can clone your voice or you can send us your recorded voice over and we'll use it with your avatar. Or we can use one of our own AI-generated voices. Easy peasy.
  • Being seen as an innovator in your industry. There is a ton of value in being first in a lot of things and this is definitely one of them.

Some Sample Videos and a Few Use Cases

Special Occasions 

Announce Sales

Promote Giveaways

Social Media Announcements

Animate Boring Newsletters

Sales Letters and Cold Email Outreach

Setting up your Talking Avatar is Super-Easy


Send us your photo and an idea of the style you'd like for your avatar


Send us your voice over or choose which A.I. voice you'd like us to use


That's it! We will work our magic and send you a sample within a day or two.

How You Can Benefit from Our Videos

Use on Your Website.

We're finding that these talking animations make great home page and sales videos. They are sort of a combination of old-school video sales letters (VSLs) coupled with modern technology that works with today's short attention spans.

Use as Paid Video Ads

This is our favorite use. Imagine people actually liking your ads and SHARING them with their friends. All of this engagement results in lower advertising costs, more visitors and most importantly, more sales for your business.

Post to Your Social Media Accounts. .

Share your expertise on social media to build rapport. Because these videos are so unique people will watch them over and over again. They'll also like, comment and share which will lead to getting more free distribution from the social media platform on which they're posted.

Internal Training and Correspondence.

Welcome and train new staff, acknowledge outstanding performers or share best practices in a fun and engaging manner. 

Appointment Reminders and Follow-up.

For the love of orange-flavored chocolate, please stop "Checking in" via email. Have one animated video made and use it to take care of these repetitive tasks in an engaging manner.

Cold Outreach.

We can show you how to create one animated video and then leverage email to send animated gifs to your customers or prospects. When that gif is tapped on in their email client, the video will be shown. Want better conversions on your cold outreach? This is how to do it => CLICK HERE

And Other Uses?

Once you get your first animated video back, we're sure you're going to see opportunity everywhere. And, once you become our client, we'll send you a list of ways you can leverage our videos based on what your business does.

Like What you See?

How to Get Started

This service is still new and we haven't set up our online ordering yet. Until we get that ready, please contact us using the form below. 

This is how it will work.

  • Complete the form below and tell us about your business and how you would like to use your avatar.
  • We will get back to you within a day with pricing for creating your sample avatar as well as our pricing to create videos for you going forward.
  • You give us the go or no go sign.

Have questions that are not answered here? Use the video widget on the bottom of this page to send us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP.