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We Make Videos That Will Set Your Brand Apart.

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Why Our Videos Are So Effective.

Each video we create has “pattern-interrupt” technology baked into it so that you’re able to avoid banner blindness and stand out from the crowd on any social platform.

This results in a direct increase in traffic, leads and sales.

Until very recently, these unique 3D animation videos were only accessible to massive corporations with unlimited video production budgets.

But it gets even better – we will customize the post and message behind your 3D animation! Naturally, the animation draws attention first and prospects almost always re-watch our videos. 

That means they get your message multiple times AND this also sends a strong signal to the social media network indicating people like your video. 

This is like free advertising once you get their attention!

How You Can Benefit from Our Videos

Use as Paid Video Ads

This is our favorite use. Imagine people actually liking your ads and SHARING them with their friends. All of this engagement results in lower advertising costs, more visitors and most importantly, more sales for your business.

Post to Your Social Media Accounts. .

Because these videos are so unique people will watch them over and over again. They'll also like, comment and share which will lead to getting more free distribution from the social media platform on which they're posted.

Use on Your Website.

When we send you a video we create for you, there are no restrictions on how it can be used. Add it do your site will immediately differentiate you from your competition and indicate that you business is one that believes in quality.

Our Animations

We Have Over 1,000 Animations from Which to Choose.

When you order one of our videos you can either tell us which animation you would like us to use or our creators will select one based on the objectives of your video.

This video has a small sampling of our animations. Two things to bear in mind:

  • These look much better in social media feeds
  • The animation we make for you will be relevant to your business or offer.

Also, you may want to mute the sound as the same audio can get annoying.

All This for a Price that Will Surprise You.

Large corporations have been utilizing these types of 3D videos for a few years now and they've been paying a hefty price to do so.

However, we're different. Our site is brand-new and we want customers and testimonials. As such, we've chosen to offer our services at surprisingly affordable prices.

We currently have 3 pricing levels and discounts can be applied on volume (use our contact form to tell us about your requirements).

Option #1 is only $17.

Send us one of your existing photos or videos and we will apply one of our scroll-stopping animations to it. Below are some examples of what that could look like.

Video ratio sizes accepted for this option: Square (1:1) Vertical (4:5) Stories (9:16)

Option #2 is only $47.

We will make you a social media post video similar to the one below. Most of the samples on this page are of this type and all of them that are within our reel of sample animations.

You will tell us what size you want it, which platform you wish to use it on and the product or service you would like to promote and our team will do the rest.

BONUS: We'll actually deliver TWO versions of your video. One will be for normal posting on social media and the other will be "ad compliant". That means it will not have the social media signals (like, comments, shares, etc.) because most platforms will not allow you to use these as paid ads.

Samples of regular and an compliant video are be;pw.

Video ratio sizes available for this option: Square (1:1) Vertical (4:5)

Option #3 is only $147.

In this case, our team will create and deliver a scroll-stopping 3D video from scratch. Like above, you'll tell us the objective, size and product or service you wish to promote with your video and our team will create an incredible video just for you.

A few samples of these types of videos follow.

Video ratio sizes accepted for this option: Square (1:1) Vertical (4:5) Stories (9:16)

Like What you See?

How to Order

Unfortunately with so many animations from which to choose and so many variables in each video, it is impossible to make the ordering process completely online.

However, we have made it as simple as possible while ensuring you will get the results you deserve.

  1. 1
    Go through our samples and schedule a call with us
  2. 2
    One of our designers (not a salesman) will call you to ensure we're clear on exactly what you need.
  3. 3
    We'll send you an invoice and from the time your payment comes in...
  4. 4
    Your video(s) will be delivered within 72 hours (often much less).

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