Fair, Transparent Pricing and Hassle-Free Ordering.

When we say, "Done-for-you" we mean exactly that.

 In most cases, we create your talking avatar first and then you can use it in any of the packages on this page. We write all scripts and submit to you for approval or alterations prior to completing your order.

This way you get exactly what you expect in the most expedited manner possible.

How Would You Like to Use Your Talking Avatar?

Short-form Social Media Videos

Take advantage of the algorithms favoring short-form video content right now and build your personal brand.

Home Page Videos and Video Sales Letters

Grab attention and get your visitors to take specific actions with our captivating form of videos.

Short-form Social Media Videos.

This videos are meant to stand out on social media platforms and generate interest in your brand in a positive manner. We will write and deliver all scripts for your approval prior to creating the videos and each video will:

  • Be created with your custom avatar and chosen voice.
  • Be customized with your company colors and branding.
  • Be completely unique
  • Be 30 seconds or less
  • Educate or entertain your followers
  • Finish with a solid call to action (CTA)

Sample Social Media Video

Videos are sold in packages of 10 videos, each up to 30 seconds in length. Scripts will usually be delivered within 24 hours of ordering and finished videos will be delivered within 2 days of the scripts being approved.

Home Page and Modern Video Sales Letters (VSLs)

As you've already noticed, we almost always include animated captions to get and maintain the viewer's attention. We do this for two reasons. First, to ensure that our message still gets through to people watching with their volume off. Second, because it is very captivating to the viewer.

These videos are limited to 3 minutes in length because studies have shown that between 90 seconds and 3 minutes seems to be the optimal length for these types of videos. Long enough to build rapport and get your point across but not so long as to bore your viewers with shorter attention spans. 

How You Can Benefit from Our Videos

Use on Your Website.

We're finding that these talking animations make great home page and sales videos. They are sort of a combination of old-school video sales letters (VSLs) coupled with modern technology that works with today's short attention spans.

Use as Paid Video Ads

This is our favorite use. Imagine people actually liking your ads and SHARING them with their friends. All of this engagement results in lower advertising costs, more visitors and most importantly, more sales for your business.

Post to Your Social Media Accounts. .

Share your expertise on social media to build rapport. Because these videos are so unique people will watch them over and over again. They'll also like, comment and share which will lead to getting more free distribution from the social media platform on which they're posted.

Internal Training and Correspondence.

Welcome and train new staff, acknowledge outstanding performers or share best practices in a fun and engaging manner. 

Appointment Reminders and Follow-up.

For the love of orange-flavored chocolate, please stop "Checking in" via email. Have one animated video made and use it to take care of these repetitive tasks in an engaging manner.

Cold Outreach.

We can show you how to create one animated video and then leverage email to send animated gifs to your customers or prospects. When that gif is tapped on in their email client, the video will be shown. Want better conversions on your cold outreach? This is how to do it => CLICK HERE

And Other Uses?

Once you get your first animated video back, we're sure you're going to see opportunity everywhere. And, once you become our client, we'll send you a list of ways you can leverage our videos based on what your business does.

Our Pricing

Simple, fair and transparent pricing with an easy ordering process and no surprises. This is how we feel ordering online should be.

Everything starts with setting up your custom avatar and voice for a low, one-time fee. Once that is done, you can tell us what types of videos you would like us to create for you by choosing a package here.

Choose whether you would like to choose an AI voice to go with your custom avatar (BASIC OPTION) or if you would like us to clone your voice for you (PREMIUM OPTION).


Your custom avatar created and matched with a realistic AI-generated voice


one time

What's included

  • Convert your photo into 4 different cartoon options suitable for talking avatars
  • Sync your chosen voice to match your avatar's facial movements
  •  Deliver a final video of up to 30 seconds, including the script you provided and using an AI-generated voice
  • Two day delivery
  • Revisions until you're satisfied


What do I need to send you to create my talking avatar?

A clear photo of yourself looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression on your face and a short script (60 words or less) that you would like your avatar to say in your first video. If you would like us to clone your voice, you will also need to send a clear audio sample of you speaking for 1 to 2 minutes.

What will it cost to create videos after my initial sample video?

We have a package for every budget. View our pricing for on-going services here.

Will this homepage work for me?

Only if you like awesome pages that are rapidly customizable to your needs.

What if my product isn't a digital product?

Does your product have a target audience? Does it have benefits? Then you can and should explain those benefits to your target audience on a page like this.